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* the Intermittent Fasting for Today's Aging Woman Course

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Friday, August 2nd, 2024

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the Intermittent Fasting for Today's Aging Woman Online Course 

What's included:

1. An in-depth 3 Week course that reviews and covers the following for Today's Aging Woman:

Week 1: Intermittent Fasting

How to fast to reverse the signs of aging. 

You will learn how to create an intermittent fasting protocol that will allow you to live your life authentically around food. 

Week 2: Intermittent Feasting

How to feast to help you look and feel your best and live your most authentic life around food. 

Week 3: Social & Emotional Needs

Let's admit it life happens...and when it does how do you typically respond? I teach you how to change your MindSet from Stress Eating to When In Doubt, Fast It Out.

All lessons are online. They are in both video format and audio format so you can view/listen to your daily lesson when it is convenient for you.  Dy Ann will be your health coach, nutrition coach, fitness coach, and life coach for 21 days while you are in class.

2) Email reminders to keep you accountable for the investment you are making in you.

3) Opportunities to get any lingering questions answered in your community group with Dy Ann.

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4) Access to your course content for 1 FULL YEAR. With audio files available for you for easy access to your content. 

5) Additional Bonuses:

  • A downloadable Intermittent Fasting Guide & Journal ($29 Value Included FREE) Available upon registration
  • Intermittent Feasting Guide with Dy Ann's Go-To Family Friendly Feasts. ($39 value) Available upon registration
  • Additional Downloadable Resources to Support Your Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle 
  • 30 days in community with your coach, Dy Ann, and your course members. 

6) Your course and community will be available to you on the date listed above. 

You are just a few weeks away from Looking and Feeling your best and creating your Most Authentic Lifestyle.  We are excited to have you experience the magic that fasting has to offer.  


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Dy, Your Fasting MindSet Coach


What our course Graduates are saying:

I have stayed the course for the past three weeks. I have lost 5 pounds and 1 1/2 inches. I'm totally glad I took the course! Thanks for everything Dy Ann!

Angie Kelly