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Books I read this year! 2020

Nov 17, 2020

2020 was (still is) a year.  The good news is, we made it through. 2021 is right around the corner and I 👏  am 👏 ready 👏  for 👏 it.

One thing I was totally committed to this year was making sure my head was always in a good book.  It's a goal I had set for myself back in December 2019.  I committed to reading 1 book a month during 2020. Man, am I grateful I set that goal.  It is a goal I set for myself every year. But 2020 was the year I needed it the most.  

Below are the books I chose to read.  Some of the books were total life changers and others, well, just didn't hit with me this year. I will share my thoughts on each below. 

1. Super Attractor ~ Love Gabby Bernstein, just didn't connect with this book.  Finished this one quickly...I think just because I wanted to get through it.  

2. Why We Can't Sleep ~ this one hits the LIFE CHANGER category for me.  It is perfect for any woman entering the middle stages of life. Ada does a great job connecting you personally and emotionally to her research.  The book explains why we as middle-aged women are struggling in all the areas we are all struggling in.  This is a book I would read again for sure.

3. Get Out Of Your Head ~ again, a book that I just didn't connect with.  I think I have read so many of these types of books that it felt very surface level for me.  It did keep my head in a very positive space during a very difficult season, so for that, I am grateful I read it. 

4. Stories that Stick ~ this is more of a business book than a personal development type of book.  Excellent read. This is one of those books I use as a reference book and I keep it handy in my office. 

5. Untamed ~ Another excellent book.  Definitely not everyone's cup of tea. But I loved the rawness, the honesty, and the encouragement for women in Glennon telling her story.  

6. Fierce, Free & Fire ~ I highly recommend this book. It was an easy read. Very motivational.  

7. Atomic Habits ~ If you are struggling with creating habits that stick then this is your book. I have read this one 3 times.  I have so many highlights and sticky notes in my book I can literally turn to any page and find a nugget of wisdom to get me through my day.  Highly, highly, highly recommend this one. Make sure you have a highlighter and some sticky notes for this one. 

8. Chasing Cupcakes ~ Highly recommend.  This was a very well written book about moving from struggle to success.  

9. Joy of Missing Out ~ Do have a hard time saying NO to things you just don't want to commit to? Then this is your book.  Lots of great takeaways from this book.  

10. The Big Leap ~ Do you feel like you are destined for more?  Do you live with limiting beliefs? Then this is your book.  This is another book you will want a highlighter and some sticky notes. This one should be read like a textbook. 

11. Tiny Habits ~ Another great book about habit creation. I would recommend reading this book before Atomic Habits.  Set yourself up with the advice from this book then build on what you have implemented with Atomic Habits.

12. Think Like A Monk~ This is the last book on my schedule to read for 2020.  I will start this one in a few weeks.  I have heard great things about it.  And just love Jay Shetty. This is one I am excited to dive into.

You can find all of these books where you purchase your books.

I have the same goal in place for 2021.  I will commit to reading 1 book every month for a total of 12 books.  If you have any good recommendations I would love to hear about them.