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Fasting Q&A Part 1

Jul 08, 2024

In todays article, I will cover the most frequently asked questions I receive in our community. Use the timestamps next to each question to find my answer in the video above.


 Why 16 Hours of Fasting is Not Enough [2:34]

Does Coffee Creamer Break A Fast? [5:27]

What is a Clean Fast? [8:29]

How Do I Keep From Gaining Weight When I Eat? [13:22]

How Do I Get Enough Calories in 4 Hours? [15:52]

Why Am I Tired When Fasting? [17:45]

What is OMAD? [19:00]

Will I lose muscle with fasting 20/4? [21:35]

Can I take vitamins in my fasting window? [24:05]


This is part 1 of the community Q&A. Click here to see part 2.

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